Tesla CMG powerwall

CMG - community micro-grids

Here's the first commercially available and viable community power storage solution that makes SO much sense.  It's crazy that within any given neighborhood, several Tesla powerwalls can be owned and operated by individual households, when the have the capability of powering several homes at the same time.  Increase the PowerWall's size just a little bit and it can power the entire block!  The shared economy is coming to CMG's  ... yeah!

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'.... two energy companies have decided to use Tesla’s bigger solution generally reserved for commercial and utility applications, the Powerpack, to create a new ‘shared Powerbank’ as a community alternative to individual Powerwalls. The project is led by government-owned Western Power and Synergy, an energy company operating in Western Australia. A 105kW (420kWh) Tesla Powerpack and inverter system has been deployed in the City of Mandurah. …

volunteering PCTA

In keeping myself 'relevant' in my old age, I've been volunteering for the last few years with a varied array of organizations.  You'll find me at Bioneers this year and soon at TEDx.  But for now I've discovered a new passion of mine and it's been the highlight of my year:  PCTA trail crew.  see if you can find me... (answer at the end)

After two years of going through their Trail Skills College in Truckee, I've mastered a few things - like tool sharpening, hauling big rocks, brushing with the McCoy (ahem... McCloud :-) and swing an ax and a pulaski pretty good.  Nothing beats hauling up two 30lb rock bars, a pack, safety gear (aka sweating) up a switchback laden trail to a work site.  Peer pressure keeps me going :-)

Here's a few pics from my latest outing at Red Meadows (mammoth) where we rebuilt 3 bridges and redid about 300yds of feeder trail.

PS:  I'm the 6th dude from the left...

WinSol update

WinSol is coming out of a hiatus.  The original grand opening of the Living Energy Learning Center (LeLc) was postponed last June for various reasons, and slowly things are congealing again.  We are now set for a 2019 spring opening.  Here's a progress report:

(1) For the first time in 5 years, we have vegetable gardens (raised beds) producing again
.  With the addition of several kitties, the persistent munchers and pesky rats are retreating to less threatening environs.  We'll see how the kitties fare during winter and the racoons.  so far, so good: lessons learned from previous kitty ventures.

(2) The LeLc dome floor is now 95% finished.  We've had to take out a few rough spots and repair some cracks.  The main progress has been along the outside permieter where snow and rain intrusion was next to impossible to stop. So we cut a 2" gap around the perimeter with the chainsaw to allow speedy runoff. 

(3) Our re-Focus will be toward the location to deep forests and the …

Indoor Air Quality

In big cities the air outside is unhealthy compared to indoor air.  'Shelter in place',  'stay indoors' are two regular warnings issued when there's a toxic release from some manufacturing plant. AND - between summertime smoke, and wintertime closed windows - how good is your indoor air quality (IAQ) ?