limits to growth revisited

In a 2005 report, 1,360 scientists and 95 countries reported that  we have used about 66% of all the resources our planet has available. What happens when this reaches 80%, 90%+?? 

This is a good time to revisit the 1970's Donella & Dennis  Meadows 'Limits to Growth' and Paul Erlich's 'Population Bomb' books and premises. 

Back then (in the  1970's) Erlich's infamous claim to fame was a bet with a WS hedgefunder (Julian Simon) who challenged Erlich's premise that the world was consuming resources beyond its limits and that market forces always find endless new deposits, materials thereby keeping prices in check.  Mr. Erlich bet that as the world consumed more stuff, resource availability would shrink thereby driving up prices.  Mr. Erlich lost spectacularly. 

Simon challenged Ehrlich to choose any raw material he wanted and a date more than a year away, and he would wager on the inflation-adjusted prices decreasing as opposed to increasing. Ehrlich…

Winter 2018 update

After experience the first beams of light on Winter Solstice sunrise at 7:43am... Sun beaming on the eating nook, and bedroom pillow. A couple hours later it floods the entire house, including back wall in sun.

I once again appreciate the beauty of the ancients and their passive designs (think adobe, mesa verde, etc) to maximize winter sun intrusion. 

Winsol heats and cools itself.  But it needs a little help from outside conditions.  I've been there in January when it's 20F outside, sun is shining, all curtains are open and it's 85F inside. 

WinSol is buttoned down for the winter.  with the holidays, snowfall, cloudy days... it's a challenge to stay at Winsol during winter.  As I always say:  'a solar house without sun really sucks' - and so I tend to be a bluebird kinda guy.

The logging around WinSol has finally started.  It's been a 6+ month wait for this to happen.  i am both sad and happy about this logging.  It will lessen the threat of a wildfire and rem…

Tesla CMG powerwall

CMG - community micro-grids

If you want to go off-grid for your entire house, independent of your local utility company, there is now a mainstream, hi-end solution:  Tesla's Powerwall. 

Here's the first commercially available and viable community power storage solution that makes SO much sense.  It's crazy that within any given neighborhood, several Tesla powerwalls can be owned and operated by individual households, when the have the capability of powering several homes at the same time.  Increase the PowerWall's size just a little bit and it can power the entire block!  The shared economy is coming to CMG's  ... yeah!

read on...

'.... two energy companies have decided to use Tesla’s bigger solution generally reserved for commercial and utility applications, the Powerpack, to create a new ‘shared Powerbank’ as a community alternative to individual Powerwalls. The project is led by government-owned Western Pow…

WinSol update

WinSol is coming out of a hiatus.  The original grand opening of the Living Energy Learning Center (LeLc) was postponed last June for various reasons, and slowly things are congealing again.  We are now set for a 2019 spring opening.  Here's a progress report:

(1) For the first time in 5 years, we have vegetable gardens (raised beds) producing again
.  With the addition of several kitties, the persistent munchers and pesky rats are retreating to less threatening environs.  We'll see how the kitties fare during winter and the racoons.  so far, so good: lessons learned from previous kitty ventures.

(2) The LeLc dome floor is now 95% finished.  We've had to take out a few rough spots and repair some cracks.  The main progress has been along the outside permieter where snow and rain intrusion was next to impossible to stop. So we cut a 2" gap around the perimeter with the chainsaw to allow speedy runoff. 

(3) Our re-Focus will be toward the location to deep forests and the ne…

why one earth?

It's important for all 7 billion of us to live within one earth equivalence. We only have one planet.  Except for the Blue sky space billionaires, we're stuck here.  Why? One earth is all we got.

When we use more than one earth it’s unsustainable. We are currently using about 1.7 earths overall. On average, the USA is using about 4-6 earths, Europe about half that.  Is this sustainable? You tell me. Last time I checked we only have one of these earths... somethings gotta give. 

My applied ethos1is walking my talk. If I’m going to tell others that it’s best to live within one earth, the least I can do is live within one earth myself. It’s easy once my heart aligns with Gaia and once I understood the frailty of our current systems and structures and how utterly unsustainable they are.

One concept illustrating this is ‘earth overshoot day’: it’’s currently August 21 for the USA.
Earth Overshoot Day marks the date when we have used more from nature than our planet can renew i…